Report International Indoor Fly-In 2011


IIFI 2010 and Interscale 2010Click here if you want to see the results of the IIFI 2010 (pdf - 382 kB).

If you want to see some pictures of the happening take a look at:

- Benjamin Magits (
- Bernard Bruins
- Jurgen Maassen


Report Interscale 2010

Dear Indoorflyers,

IIFI 2010 and Interscale 2010The Interscale 2010 held on 6-7 november in Nijmegen was a great succes! There was a nice crowd in the hall and I heard a great variation of languages.  There were more than 30 participants, of which 6 from France, 2 from the Czech Republic, 2 from Greece, 1 from Belgium, 15 from the United Kingdom and 1 from Germany. And luckely also 4 participants from the host country were brave enough to enter this high level scale competition, as well as an American who happens to live in the Netherlands.


The results can be seen in this pdf: Interscale 2010 final results.


- Written reports about Interscale 2010 (to be added soon)

- Views from Roel Lucassen, the contest director

- Testimonials from Interscale 2010 participants

- Photo's of Interscale 2010

- Video's of Interscale 2010


Here is one of four great video compilations from Pagani Productions.


Classes flown

All the common indoor scale classes were flown:

- Pistachio
- F4F = Peanut
- F4D = Open Scale Rubber
- F4E = Open Scale Electric and CO2
- Kit scale
- Pylon race


Fokker F-II Peanut

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Pistachio class scale model
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