IIFI 2009

Click here to see the results from the IIFI 2009 [pdf, 277 KB]

Foto and video reports

Photo's made by Erik Crins can be found at the photo page of the NLC site

The photo's from Gé Brouwer can be seen on Picasaweb.

The photo's from David Holmström can be seen on davidholmstrom.com.

There are some very nice videos on Benjamin Magits website www.microflight.be. He has devoted a page to the IIFI 2009 which contains photo's from André Petit, David Holmström, Gé Brouwer and himself. On the same page there are a number of very nice video's by Benjamin Magits.


Videos from Tobias Schauge (Germany):

- Tobias his Delta Dyke. Just for fun, he didn't compete with this model;
- Tobias his Focke Wulf FW 43 rubber powered peanut;
- Peanut Variviggen, again by Tobias Schauge.


The IIFI 2009 was covered by Hans Scheumie in De Modelbouwer, number 6, 2009, pagina 352.

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