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Information for IIFI 2017 participants


The hall we will use is the Jan Massinkhal, located in the outskirts of Nijmegen. The characteristics of the hall are a 2400 square meters floor, height is nearly 8 meters (Cat. 1 hall). The ceiling is fairly smooth and unobstructed.
Adress of the hall is Jan Massinkhal, Nieuwe Dukenburgseweg 5, Nijmegen.


You can use this list of Accommodations [65 KB] close to the hall. Besides this list there are more options, check for a list with more options. Should you have any difficulty in arranging a place to sleep, please contact us.


The entry form is now digital, but putting the required info in an e-mail is also still possible. Please send to

The Friday will be an extra moment for those who need to do some trimming or just want to set some flight times in for, for example Peanut, Pistachio or one of the duration classes. There will be no static judging on Friday. For these extra hours we will ask for an extra small amount of money to cover the expenses for the hall.


See you 10, 11 and 12 November in Nijmegen!

Kind regards,

Bernard Bruins
Roel Lucassen
Luis Bautista
Gerard Brinks
Larissa Bruins
Wout Moerman
Gert Brendel

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Digital documents (pdf):
- Invitation (info 1)
- Info bulletin 2

- Info bulletin 3
- Entryform
- Event schedule
- Accomodations 
- Route information
last update: 5 Nov 2017

5th IIFI 2013