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International Indoor Fly-In 2017


The 7th IIFI in 2017

Dear Flyers,

The date of the 7th International Indoor Fly In will be Friday November 10th 2017, Saturday November 11th 2017 and Sunday November 12th 2017. This time we choose for 3 days of free flight fun. The Saturday and Sunday will be the same format as all the previous editions. 2 days of flying including flying in unlimited amount of classes, lunch on both days and dinner on Saturday. This will be done for a fixed price (price will be given in the official invitation). On these 2 days all the static judging and flight judging will be done for all the classes.

The Friday will be an extra moment for those who need to do some trimming or just want to set some flight times in for, for example Peanut, Pistachio or one of the duration classes. There will be no static judging on Friday. For these extra hours we will ask for an small extra fee to cover the expenses for the hall. (this will be given in the official invitation, and there will be no lunch or dinner afterwards).

In this way we hope that those who want to get some extra flying time will be given the opportunity to do so. And also those who just want to do the weekend days will get the same experience as last editions. I know it can be hard to get off from work an extra day. So please don't feel obligated to come a day extra (when it causes problems) because you don't want to miss any judging or judged flights. These will be done during the weekend. The usual weekend program doesn't change in any way. Preliminary time schedule for the Friday and the weekend will be given in the invitation as will the costs.

We are flying the following classes:


Pistachio JudgingF4D Open Scale, Rubber
F4E Open scale CO2
F4E Open Scale electric

F4F Peanut
Glider Scale


F1DF1D   (open duration)
F1M   (1.5 gram limited Pennyplane)
F1L   (EZB)
F1N   (Indoor Glider)
Sainte Formula (3.0 gram minimum weight)
Profile Scale (6.0 gram minimum weight)

Photo contest

Who will make the picture which expresses the Spirit of IIFI best?

Beginning of October you will receive the final information if you registered for the contest.

If you know you will be coming, please register! If you have any questions please send me an email.

See you 10, 11 and 12 November in Nijmegen! 5th IIFI 2013

Kind regards,

Bernard Bruins
Roel Lucassen
Luis Bautista
Gerard Brinks
Larissa Bruins
Wout Moerman
Gert Brendel


Results 2016

You can view the results of the previous IIFI (2016) here.

Spirit of the IIFI

Wout Moerman
IIFI Webmaster

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Info bulletin no.2

Pistachio class scale model
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6th IIFI 2016