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International Indoor Fly-In 2022


The 10th IIFI in 2022

Dear Flyers,

The Corona virus is still among us, even after a year later. It looks like we are getting closer to the end of it all. At this moment we have a lot of information about the regulation around the sports hall, the risks involved for the organisation and travel arrangements of the flyers. Roel, Bernard and the organisation committee had a talk about this year’s edition and the only conclusion we could come up with is to cancel the 2021 edition.

For now we don’t have 2022 date, but we are working hard to get one soon. An early 2022 date was also considered, but we don’t want to intervene in any plans for the Nationals in April or the outdoor season. So we decided to return in November.

Please stay safe and let’s hope we will have some flying fun in 2022. 


We are flying the following classes:


Pistachio JudgingF4D Open Scale, Rubber
F4E Open scale CO2
F4E Open Scale electric

F4F Peanut
Glider Scale


F1DF1D   (open duration)
F1M   (1.5 gram limited Pennyplane)
F1L   (EZB)
F1N   (Indoor Glider)
Sainte Formula (3.0 gram minimum weight)
Profile Scale (6.0 gram minimum weight)


Beginning of October you will receive the final information if you registered for the contest.

If you know you will be coming, please register! If you have any questions please send me an email.

See you 8, 9 and 10 November in Nijmegen! 5th IIFI 2013

Kind regards,

Roel Lucassen
Luis Bautista
Gerard Brinks
Gert Brendel

Spirit of the IIFI

Wout Moerman
IIFI Webmaster

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Pistachio class scale model
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