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F1L (EZB or Easy B)


The EZB is a simple design to build and fly with broad appeal to both beginner and expert. The weight limit is 1.2 gram; the average EZB probably weighs about 2 grams.
To keep things relatively simple the propellor must be made from balsa, bracing of wing and tail boom are not allowed and the model must be covered with paper or plastic.


View or download the F1L Rules (0,3 Mb pdf)


Wingspan, maximum projected: 457.2 mm
Wing chord maximum: 76.2 mm
Stabiliser area maximum: 50% of wing
Weight minimum: 1.2 gram


A good start is the HobbyShopper EZB by Larry Coslick on the IndoorDuration website.
On the same website you can download the John Tipper's Sweeps F1L Plan (Acrobat .pdf) from INAV 106.
Also a good article about building and flying EZB can be found here.
Or download the Cargolifter Loafer F1L from Indoor News and Views, a good beginning F1L by Laurie Barr.


F1L record Jan Massinkhal (ceiling less than 8 m)

11 min 52 sec
Record holder: Bob Bailey
Date of flight: March 16, IIFI 2008

F1L World record Cat I hall (ceiling less than 8 m)

19 min 39 sec
Date of flight: 06/05/2001
Record holder: Akihiro DANJO (Japan)
Course/place: Tokyo (Japan)

F1L World records Cat II, III, IV halls

Ceiling 8m - 15m: 21 min 29 sec
Date of flight: 31/08/2007
Record holder: Akihiro DANJO (Japan)
Course/place: Tokyo (Japan)

Ceiling 15m - 30m: 23 min 1 sec
Date of flight: 01/10/2005
Record holder: Akihiro DANJO (Japan)
Course/place: Saitama (Japan)

Ceiling over 30m: 32 min 22 sec
Date of flight: 11/08/2002
Record holder: Akihiro DANJO (Japan)
Course/place: Tokyo (Japan)


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