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Photo Contest

The Spirit of IIFI Photo Contest

Who will make the picture which expresses the spirit of the IIFI best? I'll make a special trophee for this additional contest. The pictures entered in this contest can and will be used for promotional activities, such as promoting the next IIFI or Interscale.


- the picture must be sent to me in digital format (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, but not RAW);

- the picture may be modified, digitally ("photoshoped") or otherwise ;

- if the modified picture contains photomaterial from another person permission must be asked for using this material;

- each person can enter a maximum of 3 pictures.


That would be me, myself and I. Members of the jury will not participate in this contest.

Entering the contest

Send the photo's in one or several e-mails to

Prize giving:

The winner will be notified by e-mail and the winning picture will be used on the homepage of this website, together with the winners name. The trophee will be handed over during the prize giving ceremony at the next IIFI.

Wout Moerman
IIFI Webmaster

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Photo Contest
last update: 5 oct 2017